Rethinking Bike Rental

Distributed bike rental using only your mobile phone.

Shike came to life at the realization that sharing a bike should be easy and convenient. Shike is renting a bike, picking it up wherever you find it, getting to your destination and leave it there, paying by the hour

How it works

1. Locate

Our bikes are available everywhere and anywhere. Check the app for nearest bike.

2. Reserve

Reserve preferred bike with our app, initiate your reservation wherever you are.

3. Shike

Unlock and enjoy your bike for as long as you'd like, you are officially a Shiker.

4. Lock

Lock your bike and leave it wherever you like when you are done.


Flexible time

Keep your bike for how long you'd like

Mobile payment

Pay with your mobile phone, only when you use your bike.

Leave anywhere

Pick up and leave your bike wherever you like.

Fully insured

All our bikes are fully insured.

Locating bikes

Check your phone for the nearest available bike.

Alarm system

All our bikes are equipped with alarm systems.

Why do we Shike?

Flexible, as life itself

We want to enable flexible bike hire with optional drop-off location. Life is messy, fun and unforseeable. It's time to adapt technology and services to us, not the other way around.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce environmental impact by offering a climate friendly option. Sustainable transport can't be achieved using todays system. Shike will help you help our earth recover.

Future of commuting

Complement existing methods of municipal transport. Commuting today means trains, buses and walking. We want the future to include biking (or shiking as we say) as well, to create a better and more flexible city commuting.


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  • 3 hours free
  • No commitments at all
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  • End lease within one hour
  • Shorter trips
  • Same benefits but cheaper
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